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Welcome All! I am a crafty, DIY, freedom loving, homeschool of 8 years Mama, who loves Jesus!!

I am also a licensed Loan Officer, with 24 years experience in mortgage lending. 


Removing toxins from our home, and replacing with non-toxic products is where I started. It was not until recently that I learned FOOD is Medicine. What we eat is just as important as the environmental toxins around us!

Taking baby steps to a healthier lifestyle requires, patience & grace. With so many environmental toxins, It is important to take control of what we can.

Join me as I share my heart and love for all things mortgage, wellness, essential oils, crafts, DIY, &  my personal life journey. I also create and sell an amazing all natural salve.

Lets inspire and be inspired. Looking forward to new friendships on this journey ❤

I am here to create a community to Inspire and be Inspired, doing all things with Love, Patience & Grace.

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